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Physiotherapy Consultations

Our physiotherapy Department at ClinicHID promotes healthier lifestyle for all patients.

The aims of physiotherapy department at ClinicHID are relieving your pain, optimizing your flexibility and movements, improving your posture,balancing your body and recovering your functions.

Our experienced physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat conditions that affect people in all ages and social groups. Physiotherapy department provides a patient centered rehabilitation actively involving the patient in its own care. We use evidence based medicine principles in our practice to achieve care with high quality assurance.

Interest areas of  ClinicHID Physiotherapy Department includes rehabilitation for patients with

  • Joint Pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle spasm and pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Post –operative rehabilitation
  • Abnormal posture
  • Abnormal gait
  • Compromised functional activities

Types Of Rehabilitation

Pain Rehabilitation

Pain rehabilitation is a method that provides effective pain treatment in the presence of acute or chronic pain in different parts of body (such cervical, lower back, knee, shoulder) especially in musculoskeletal problems.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation`s aim is to eliminate dysfunctions caused by disorders in the skeletal structure and redound these functions. Orthopedic rehabilitation is useful for post orthopedic surgery and it has many benefits to patients that have muscles strain, ligaments sprain ,fractures, tendinopathies(shoulder/knee tendinopathy, golfer/tennis elbow etc.) , femoro – patellar syndrome , plantar fasciitis etc.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation` s goal is to restore the function of the nervous system as much as possible, to optimize everyday activities, and to achieve social participation to the highest degree possible . Rehabilitation reduces disabilities of the patients with carpal tunnel syndrome , upper extremity nerve injuries , Bell’s palsy , Parkinson’s disease , cerebrovascular incidents(strokes).

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric rehabilitation is a concept that includes all efforts to maximize the functional status of the elderly person in cases such as physical disability, illness and mobility limitation after an accident or surgery. It is performed to prevent or minimize functional deterioration, both physiological and as a result of disease or accident. Rehabilitation is highly recommended for patients with total knee or hip replacement surgery.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric rehabilitation is a treatment applied for the purpose of revealing and developing the existing capacity of children, rehabilitating the disorders identified, and allowing the child to live independently at the highest level possible. Early treatment increases the chance of success. Goals should be realistic, and it should be aimed to acquire functions such as keeping the head upright first, then sitting, crawling, walking, and grasping the hand in accordance with the age. Afterwards, education, social skills, adaptation and personal care activities should be carried out. Some common examples for conditions that need rehabilitation are cerebral palsy , gross motor delay , congenital torticollis , brachial plexus palsy and club foot.

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Our  physiotherapists

  • Are highly experienced in manual therapy such as mobilization, massage.
  • Use physical agent modalities as electrical currents, ultrasound, hot packs, cold packs
  • Prepare adequate exercises with advanced gym equipment to help patients to achieve their full wellness potential
  • Have expertise in dry needling, kinesiotaping
  • Apply specific treatment protocols as Mc Kenzie treatment, myofascial release etc.

Our most used technologies includes

  • Electrostimulation machine that used to decrease pain, improve circulation and help your muscles contract properly.
  • Ultrasound machine, Shockwave that used to speed the rate of healing & enhance the quality of tissue repair.
  • Mechanical traction (cervical, lumbar) that used to produce a steady and controlled traction or decompression force on the spine to provide pain relief for many neck and lower back conditions
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